2012 Arctic Cat ProClimb and ProCross 800 and 1100 " COLD FLOW" Power Shield


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OK, we all know that the new Arctic Cat "Pro" Series Snowmobiles are AWESOME Machines!!


BUT.. There are several issues that plague this machine that are robbing you of HP!

Fortunately, these issues can be easily resolved.


A little "TEK" first MAY be in order.


ALL engines are glorified air pumps.


They take inputted air and "Squeeze" it (compress it) and then mix it with fuel.

This "mix" is then ignited and this combustion event does work on the crank and gives us the power we need, and, of course, that nice  smoke out our exhaust!


OK, that is a VERY simplified explanation.. but , hopefully, it gets the point across.


Now, HOW MUCH power is produced at ignition is DIRECTLY related to how much air is provided to be mixed with the fuel. The more air and fuel, generally, the higher outputted power! This is the reason why larger engines produce more HP than smaller engines. They have more fuel/air to ignite.


BUT.. this is NOT always the case!  You could easily have a smaller engine OUT POWERING the larger engine IF the air used is not as dense or pure!

Like the air we breathe, the air quality is directly related to how we function and "feel" . Bad air (high pollution or odorous) and we feel sick and function at a level less then normal. Basically, we are down on power.

SAME GOES FOR YOUR ENGINE!!  The "QUALITY" of the air is CRITICAL to producing power!

The colder and more dense the air your engine intakes, the more energy can be extracted from it during combustion. Colder air contains more molecules per unit volume and thus more Oxygen and Nitrogen per unit volume. So in a combustion chamber, you will get more Oxygen per "charge" and if the engine is smart enough to inject more gasoline, more energy when combustion occurs.


In short, COLDER air makes MORE POWER than WARMER Air.. Now, why didn't I just say that to begin with???


Now, back to the Arctic Cat Pro Series and what we have to make more power!


If you look under your hood you will notice that the exhaust pipe is directly under your air supply (Air Box). The pipe is actually heating your air as it flows down the air box. This is ROBBING you of Horse-Power!


OK, so how do we keep the intake air colder and more dense? Answer: We keep the pipe from heating it. Simple eh?  YUP.. if you have a "space-age" material used by NASA and NASCAR that is capable of reflecting the heat from the pipe off of the air box.

NOTE: Normal Heat Tape is NOT capable of this kind of reflection!


Here is how we do it: We have a very special heat reflective film that can reflect 95% of heat up to 1050 degrees! Your external pipe temp is about 600 degrees.

We have had patterns custom die cut to fit perfectly onto your entire airbox. This heat shield will keep the pipe from heating your intake air!

This WILL allow your engine to produce more power and make it run much more consistent!


OH ya, this product weighs less than a pound! and only takes minutes to install!


Here are some pics of the RK Tek COLD FLOW Power Shield





<----PRO 1100 COLD FLOW Barrier


 COST: $89.95













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