RK TEK has designed several performance kits for the 600 CFI Twin Engine.

These kits will AMAZE you in how they transform the 600 power-plant from a slightly "LAZY" 600 to a "Torque-Monster" Performer!

Just by replacing the stock OEM Pistons with our , RK TEK EXCLUSIVE, Custom Pistons will completely transform your engine and its power--output!!

We also have our FAMOUS industry leading DROP IN KITS, and our 660 BIG-BORE Kit!



        600 Drop In Kit...+14HP


             660BIG-BORE Kit...+25HP Highest HP in the Industry

             600 Cheater Head with Patented Combustion Chambers


             600 Direct Replacement Pistons... Custom Design HP & Reliability added


            Custom Cylinder Porting



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