This BIG-BORE Kit will AMAZE you in how they transform the 600 power-plant from a slightly "LAZY" 600 to a "Torque-Monster" Performer!

This 660 will outperform the Polaris 800 in Stock Form.

You can see this with videos located here--> 

660 Racing an 800 up hill at 9,000ft

& 660 Climbing a Chute &

660 racing a mod 800 at 1000ft



This kit will add a solid 25HP Increase and the pistons will last MUCH longer than your OEM pistons (which are prone to collapse)

Reliability is our #1 concern and is not compromised in any way. in fact, this kit is MORE reliable than your OEM configuration.

A fuel control box is needed for the CFI Engines. We can supply the Box is you do not already have one.

We require your OEM head to be sent in for the conversion


Pricing: 660 Kit with RK Tek Exclusive Cheater Head       $1900.00

               Boondocker Fuel control Box:  (PC-V can also be used)        $425.00

               Team Rooster Weights (recommended)                                     $160





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