Above: Chris Burandt supporting an RK Tek Head and Diamond Drive Torsion Spring Conversion Clutch Kit.

Torque-Line Heads and Custom ENGINE BUILDING by RK Tek

We design our Heads and  Engine Kits with a FULL knowledge of the engine's operating characteristics and, most importantly, the application and altitude at which the engine will be performing.

We specialize in HIGH ALTITUDE applications but actually do more low elevation heads because there are more low elevation riders than high elevation riders.

We ONLY design TRUE hemispherical combustion chambers with dedicated squish band. With a true hemi -chamber, your engine can realize its maximum potential. Most other aftermarket heads are of the Flat-Top chamber design. This is mainly because they are more easily machined.

As of 2009, our combustion chamber is patent pending. YES, the design is unique enough to be patented... as of 2011 it has a patent!

NOTE: We do not offer online ordering because we want to speak with EVERY customer to be sure that they are getting best possible service and components for their engine.

We can design an engine package that will fit the type of riding that your engine will be subjected to. For example, if you run a snowmobile at 9,000 feet and mainly boon dock and climb hills, we will design a kit that will increase performance from initial start to peak torque RPM. If you mainly run lake races at 1,000 feet, we will design a kit that will provide increased performance from peak torque to maximum over-rev.

We can also design a head for any octane requirement you need. If you have a particular application in mind, call us and we will make a custom chamber specifically for your engine. The combinations are endless! We can also re-shape your stock head's chamber. Note: Not all stock heads can be re-shaped to the "Hemi" design.

We are one of the only companies that will design and fabricate a head based on the application of the engine. Now, think about that, why would you want to buy a head that is "generalized" for all applications? Would you buy a compact car to be used as an off-road rally racer? OR would you buy a car that was designed for off-road racing?


RK Tek takes a different approach to 2 stroke engine building than most others. We use to get all "bogged down" with the "theories" that surround 2 stroke engines. Oh yes, we can speak theory with the best of them... What we shortly determined was that all those theories and formulas were based on engines from the 70's and 80's and do not apply to the modern day 2 stroke engine. The 2 strokes of the past were air-cooled and piston port induced. 2 stroke exhaust systems were in their early development and primitive compared to the exhaust systems of the 21st century. The modern 2 stroke engine is water-cooled and reed valve inducted and has a very sophisticated exhaust system in place. A FAR cry from the engines the books were written about.

So, we developed some theories and formulas of our own that more closely mimic the modern 2 stroke engine and differ, sometimes greatly, from the books and SAE papers of the past.

We focus on internal engine flow and engine efficiency. We strive to increase the efficiency of EVERY function of the engine. By increasing efficiency, one increases performance.


It IS that simple!!

The more efficient engine also does not suffer form narrow engine power-bands. ALL our engines will have a very wide operating band and will not be finicky with elevation change.




Cutting Edge New Stuff from RKT


 RK Tek's combustion chamber design is so unique it has been issued a PATENT!


See the University Project Paper that shows some of the benefits of this design<CLICKY>


2018 BETA and GAS-GAS Heads now available!


KTM and HUSKY "CHEATER" Heads now available




KTM and HUSKY 150 Billet Head Available


2008-2018 KTM/HUSKY/BETA/YAMAHA 300& 250 Billet Heads are Available


RK TEK Inc. is now making Billet Heads  for the KTM, Husqvarna, BETA, Yamaha, and GAS GAS Desert/Enduro/MX  2 Stroke Motorcycles

Huge Power Gains and Lower Coolant Temps with this head!







Big Bore Kits are in development!


Polaris Pro and Dragon and PRO "Cheater Heads" AND Polaris 800 DIRECT Replacement Pistons


Polaris Dragon and PRO and Pro 12HP "Drop In" Piston and Head Kit


RK TEK now has Piston Kits, Drop In Kits, and Big Bore Kits (660cc) for the Polaris 600CFI Engine.


NEWS!! THE RK TEK ETEC 180+HP 860 is now ready for release! This engine is VERY impressive and requires no fuel controller!


 Polaris Pro 858 Stock Cylinder Big Bore Kit BIG POWER!


 Ski Doo 600 HO/SDI ,800R Dual Ring Direct  Replacement Pistons.

 Arctic Cat 194HP 925ccHO  Big Bore Kit (194HP on 91 octane Dyno Sheets to PROVE IT!)


NEW: Custom Oil Cap to fix all leaks and stubborn removals. (pics in "Other Custom Products Section")


NEW: M series Quick Adjust Belt Deflection Tool. No more washers to fiddle with. (pics in "Other Custom Products Section")

See "NEWS" section to get more details

We now have the ability to recurve the ECM's on the XP's. Contact us for the details or check the MPEM section of this website



         Ski-Doo 800R       DUAL RING Replacement Pistons







                        M Series Hood Lift


Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Our Torque-Line Products deliver maximum performance without sacrificing engine reliability.

Learn how we do this

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