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Arctic Cat Hood Lift

This simple, yet effective, item addresses MANY different concerns/issues with the M Series Sleds.

Arctic Cat M Series Hood-Lift (Goggle De-Fogger/Hand Warmer)

This simple, yet effective, item addresses MANY different concerns/issues with the M Series Sleds.

First, a simple, but commonly over-looked, fact... HEAT RISES!! Try entering your attic in the Summer.. while your A/C is busy keeping your living area nice and cool, your attic is 115+ degrees... WHY.. Because heat ALWAYS rises..

Same with your sled's engine compartment... You can vent the sides and lower hood until you have little hood left but the heat will always rise to the highest point. In order to RID your engine compartment of the deadly, Horse-Power robbing heat, you MUST provide an outlet at the HIGH point of your engine area. This lift provides just that.

This ONLY fits the "M" Chassis made from 2005-2011

By installing this lift, your hood will be propped up a few inches under the instrument gauge and allow the engine compartment's hot air to escape. This keeps your clutches cooler and also your entire engine.

BONUSES features are also associated with this little item. We have found that with this lift installed, that the streaming hot air will GREATLY aid in keeping your goggles from icing up, as well as, your instrument gauge. Another added bonus is that it actually keeps your hands and body warmer as well.. It all makes sense when you feel the heat pouring out from under your hood. 

Another bonus is that it adds some much needed clearances to accommodate some of the aftermarket pipes that like to run and melt your hood vents and other under-hood items.

So, all in all, this little deal will provide a number of services and keep you more comfortable in the process..



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